Education planning in Hong Kong is more than school fees

Yet, while most countries have various options like Dubai and Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong is in a particularly difficult position in regards to offering international schools due to the absence of available land to build new structures for school at an affordable price, thus, leaving many foreign workers in a tough position.

Retiring parents need to answer these questions

Ageing, retiring, and death – these are topics people usually do not like to discuss. Unfortunately, they are a part of our life; we age with time, become less capable physically, and eventually retire from work. Retirement years can be tricky – Fidelity Investments estimates the medical expenses for a couple in US to top […]

Breast Cancer – Precaution Prevention and Planning

Cancer is probably the most dreaded word of our generation. The disease has been a silent killer for centuries, with more than 100 known cancer varieties and not a single comprehensive cure available. Some cancers prove fatal, whereas others can be managed for years through treatment after early detection. Cancers can affect any part of […]